The Rescue

I have just made a strange discovery in the last week...I think my computer is posessed. (insert "Twilight Zone" music here.) I've been having some strange things going on, and it seems to involve my internet connection. Anyhoo, this story was supposed to be on here a few days ago. Enjoy, while I go slam my mouse around a few times for good measure. (And stress relief.)

While I was inside the barn locking up all the birds at dusk the other night, I heard what sounded like the world's biggest bumblebee. I looked around and didn't see anything, but it seemed to sound louder up in the loft. I climbed up on Hubby's tractor to look, and up in the highest peak of the metal-roof barn, was a trapped Hummingbird. I could tell it had been trying to find it's way out for a long time, because the normal buzzing sound had been replaced by a faint little humming, and it was flying very slow like it was just about pooped. I ran and got Hubby who climbed up into the loft and using a broom, scooped the little guy up and handed him to me. I quickly ran down to the feeder so it could get a drink and have enough energy to make it back home before dark.

Now, nobody knows this but me and you, but I have secretly always wanted to hold a Hummingbird in my hand. (And not a dead one, either.) My Momma and I used to talk about how tiny their little feet were, and we would say, "Oh I would just love to hold one for a second or two and then let it go."
Well, I've been missing Mom quite a bit lately, (more than usual) and after this happened, my first thought was, "I wish Mom could have seen this." But then I realized, God had allowed me to have one of my hearts' desires come true...
Sometimes he sends comfort in the strangest ways, but always when we need it most!

Here is a picture of it getting a drink...
And me holding it until it flew away...
Notice it's little feet? Is that sweet or what!


How to tell what kind of Guard Dog you have.

This was the scene yesterday morning.... Smokey, our fierce and loyal watchdog, (chuckle, snort) saw the deer before I did, and ran up the hill to scare her away. When she turned and started toward him however, things changed as you can see....

This is his staredown tactic.

Hmmm.... doesn't seem to be working......

Maybe if he moves to a different strategic position...

Hmmm... nope...

Wait- I think she's finally got the message...

Way to go Smokey! Just look at her.... uhhhh... walk away. You really showed her!


For Tim....

Dear Big Brother,
In honor of your birthday today, I just want to say that I think you're the most wonderful brother a spoiled little brat
sweet little girl could ever have. You always had the most dangerous fun ideas growing up and I can remember feeling like a guinea pig great adventure was in the making. I hope you enjoy the cake and home-made ice cream I’m making for you tomorrow, even though you are the skinny one in our family. (There is no justice in the world.)
I hope you have many more wonderful birthdays, and I hope I’m here to celebrate them with you!

Your Loving Sister,

By the way, I hope you finally forgave me for kicking and screaming the little hissy I threw when I was 6 and you were 17 and I wanted to go with you on your hot date.
I know Mom never did.


Time to plant some Punkins

The garden is almost finished for the year..... *sigh*.... it's always a little sad to see weeds and empty cornstalks, but now my pantry and freezer are full of wonderful veggies to last through cold weather. (Yay!) Hubby cleaned out the rows so we can plant some pumpkins and indian corn for Fall. I can't wait- Fall is my favorite time of the year!

I am catching up on some much needed indoor chores this week and since there is supposed to be some rain in the weather forecast for the next couple of days, I might even get to dust off my sewing machine. I have some projects in my craft room that have been just laying there waiting to be finished for some time now.... aprons with no straps, chickens with no beaks, patterns with missing pieces (ugh)... you get the picture.

I also have some wonderful new recipes to try out (and share!) so I'm planning on posting on those soon, as well as some new items for my ETSY store. By the way, any recipe you could ever want or need is over at my wonderful friend Linda's blog-Parker's General. She is also having a great give-a-way to celebrate 400 recipes posted, so be sure and enter while you're there!

Here's something to make you smile- my little silkie Belle doing her version of the "Happy Dance."