For Tim....

Dear Big Brother,
In honor of your birthday today, I just want to say that I think you're the most wonderful brother a spoiled little brat
sweet little girl could ever have. You always had the most dangerous fun ideas growing up and I can remember feeling like a guinea pig great adventure was in the making. I hope you enjoy the cake and home-made ice cream I’m making for you tomorrow, even though you are the skinny one in our family. (There is no justice in the world.)
I hope you have many more wonderful birthdays, and I hope I’m here to celebrate them with you!

Your Loving Sister,

By the way, I hope you finally forgave me for kicking and screaming the little hissy I threw when I was 6 and you were 17 and I wanted to go with you on your hot date.
I know Mom never did.


  1. Ahahahaha!!! So cute!
    Happy 50th to your brother!!!! :)

  2. sholey7@charter.netAugust 8, 2008 at 9:34 AM

    Ahhhhh! Very sweet. And funny. Hope he has a Happy Birthday. Have a good weekend, Paula.

  3. Very sweet post! Happy Birthday to your big brother!

  4. Oh Paula, I can always count on coming here for a good laugh or two! I bet your brother just loves you! blessings, Kathleen

  5. Hope he has a great birthday...he sure has a great sister....!!

  6. Happy 50th to Paula's brother!

    So you were one of those kinds of little sisters, huh? I had one just like you that threw a fit when I went on a hot date. But my mom made me take her with me!!

    Have a great weekend.


  7. How funny...great post!! Happy Birthday to your brother!!

  8. Aren't brothers the best!!!?
    Love ya, Debra

  9. That is the cutest letter! Very sweet of you to send out a big Happy Birthday to your big brother.
    Patricia :o)

  10. I think we may have had the same big brother! Mine is onlyy 4 years old but many of his schemes involved a blindfold for me and often small pump -up pellet guns! Happy birthday to the big brother of Paula - bet she was a pill but what a wonderful lady she grew into being right?

  11. Happy five-o Tim!!!!
    I bet Paula is really glad she has a big brother....I know I would be. I only had a little brother and he was a royal pain!!!
    Paula, I'm sure you showed him a thing or two your self!

  12. So sweet...and funny! Don't ya just love brothers!

  13. Great way to wish your BIG brother a happy birthday, love your letter!

  14. Paula what a cute birthday post to your brother!
    Happy 50th birthday to your brother! The big 5-0, older than dirt.......
    Love, Ann

  15. Happy Birthday Tim! Sorry I'm so late. I always wanted to have a big brother.

  16. Paula...so glad you stopped by...wow I can't believe you live so close to Maryville...that is sooo cool. My mom and I traveled 127 between Franklin and Owen Counties. We really enjoyed ourselves but that whole episode with the little boy just scared the life at of me....

    Hope you don't mind if I add you to my favorites.

  17. Happy birthday to brother Chick! Paula, I bet you were a real hoot of a little sister! LOL


  18. Very funny!! I'm sure he hasn't held a grudge for that tantrum - ever!!
    Have a great week Paula!
    Karla & Karrie

  19. This is such a cute post about your brother. Happy B-Day to him. Kathi

  20. What a lucky brother to have you for a baby sis! Thanks for visiting me today - by the way, I found my china cabinet at Homegoods!


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